Early childhood education centre

Itaca Nova nursery school

We are a pluralistic and respectful private school that promotes coexistence and solidarity. At Itaca Nova School we have a dedicated team that is open to educational innovation in order to provide the best experience for our children.

How we work

  • Arranging the day’s activities with the children during morning circletime and preparing the following day’s return to the nursery in afternoon circletime.
  • Organizing the space of the classrooms into different play corners.
    Acknowledging that each child is different by orientating their work individually, according to each child’s needs.
  • Working with the children in experiment workshops.
  • Stimulating interest in discovery with games like “the treasure basket”, “heuristic play” and “the mystery box”.
  • Helping the children to become aware of their emotions and expressive language skills, with particular attention to affection, communication and their relationships.
  • Instilling respect for other people, things and the environment.
  • Helping to make the children become aware of certain limits and at the same time understand that guidelines and norms for behaviour give them security.

All the above is carried out in the context of a consistent pedagogical framework, reinforced by the work in the classrooms of qualified nursery nurses, who serve as figures of reference and companionship for the children.

Itaca Nova nursery school

Our facilities

Itaca Nova early childhood education centre


Itaca Nova, Son Espanyolet, Palma